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After a 10 day trip to LA, recording studios in Hollywood, and experiencing life from Sunset strip to South Central, Clay Borne penned a brand new track produced by Chicago native Samo Sosa



First Verse
Seen the bright lights and onestly it ain't phasing me/pass the age of 28 they say that it's too late for me/not for the fantasy, everything is make believe/they all wanna ride but never ask where you taking me,
That's how you fall for the booby trap/lost in the game, nigga looking at his Google maps/All for the fame til they talking bout who was that, one nigga that made that one song,

I'm a shooter, straight shooter (2x)
I'm so good, you can't tell me nothing (2x)

Sceond Verse
I said I'm so good on that shit/On my own I rep my city, STC that be my click/They say I should sell bout 50 then ready to commit/So shoutout to samo Sosa he just made another hit/Bitch we in here, hold yo conversation til you been there/Hollywood polluted money going up in thin air/cops is shooting nagas, bitches walk around in swim wear/and this is what you offer me for everything I give man

I'm a shooter, straight shooter (2x)
I'm so good, you can't tell me nothing (2x)

Third Verse
I been planning for a minute/ Use to chill and watch the game wit my planet now we in it/We ain't playing the rules, patriots, know the business/devils talking bout, you an atheist, how you figure/this is God on Mic hoe, for black and the white folks/or that kid who hustles cuz momma can't keep the lights on/don't you ever go and try to tell me different/you can offer me the world, I just need you to listen

Like, little nigga don't test my drive/one of a kind that 13five/while to try to be the next TI/I decide to be the best, biiiooootch/naw yall can't hold me, won't let em shape and mold me/stay wit my team no matter what, number 8 Kobe/yea they told me they would come out the woodworks/
Talkin bout, do it for the hood first/Make sure it's hook, verse, fuck all that gimmicky shit/I said I'm so (3x) I said I'm so good on that shit

I'm a shooter, straight shooter (2x)
I'm so good, you can't tell me nothing (2x)


released April 20, 2015
Written and performed by Clay Borne (ASCAP)
Featuring Samo Sosa (BMI)
Produced by Samo Sosa
Mixed and mastered by Jorge Enrique Samano in Hollywood, CA



all rights reserved


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